Company Position Nationality
RUFF & CO. Business Innovation Fondatrice & Conseillère Exécutive Danemark
Quels sont les freins au déploiement des technologies à domicile et dans les établissements de soins ?

Susie A. Ruff is the founder of RUFF & CO. and works as a strategic lead in Tech for Health and Wellness. She has been pioneering Health Innovation in Denmark. She has vast experience in this field from Denmark and the Nordics where she works with Health Tech companies in their vital go-to-market phase with strategic advice and hands on support. Additionally, Susie serves as an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School at the M.Sc. in Innovation in Healthcare where she lectures and establishes valuable partnerships for health care challenges in the Nordics. Her dedication to empowering others and driving innovation in the healthcare industry is unparalleled. She is an inspiring speaker, moderator, and advisor.