Company Position Nationality
SINTEF Digital Chercheuse, département technologies de communication durables Norvège
Faire évoluer les comportements pour un vieillissement actif : Quelles innovations en matière de promotion de l’activité physique et de stratégies préventives ?

Ophelia Prillard works as a researcher in the department of Sustainable Communication Technologies within the Human-Computer-Interaction group at SINTEF Digital, Oslo. She has a Master’s degree in Engineering Science and ICT from Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU). Her thesis explored mobility-as-a-service for older adults living in rural areas. At SINTEF, Ophelia Prillard is engaged in various national and European innovation research projects. Her current work includes the EU-Canadian project Smart Inclusive Living Environments (SMILE), which aims to facilitate ageing in place by developing smart technology solutions.