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University of Bologna Responsable Recherche & Développement Italie
Comment mieux mobiliser les investissements publics et privés en faveur de l’innovation pour le bien-vieillir à l’échelle européenne ?

Dr. Matias I. de la Calle is the Research Development Manager for EU funded projects in Healthcare at the Life Science and Bioeconomy Unit of the University of Bologna. Thanks to its scientific excellence the University has gained a considerable experience in International and European research projects, successfully participated in FP7: with 274 projects funded in 2007-2013 (58 of them as coordinator) and 87,8 M€ of funding, In Horizon 2020, UNIBO is so far involved in 237 funded projects (58 as coordinator), with more than 96,7 M€ of funding.

Previously, Dr. de la Calle worked at Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, for the Coordination of the European Reference Network (ERN) on Rare Bone Diseases. He also worked for the Region’s Healthcare Government and a regional research hospital as health project manager. He has over 10 years of experience as group psychotherapist with patients and families in type 2 Diabetes. He holds a degree in psychology and a specialisation in psychotherapy based on a person-centred approach. During his clinical career he has worked with adolescents, adults and groups. He has collaborated with Local Health Units, City Hospitals and Regional Healthcare Government in the Emilia-Romagna region as a trainer and consultant for nurses and medical doctors. He has also collaborated with pharma industry in research on diabetes education and on diabetes integrated care pathways and IT solutions.