Company Position Nationality
Aproximar Directrice adjointe, Cheffe de l'unité Vieillissement actif et Dépendance Portugal
Quelles sont les solutions et initiatives pour la prise en charge des personnes âgées dans les zones rurales ou isolées ?

Joana Portugal is partner at Aproximar, holds a Gerontology degree and a master’s in Social and Solidarity Economy. Since 2007, she has been connected to the social economy in fields like quality management & sustainability. She is a Mentor Coordinator certified by PENDULUM model. At Aproximar, she is the Head of the Unit of the Active Ageing Department and she has been working on social innovation, training, social entrepreneurship and economy, as well as investing in mentoring schemes, active and healthy ageing, ageism, aiming at valorising older people in society and the role and support of (in)formal carers.