Company Position Nationality
Pharmacie Principale S.A. Cheffe de Projet Suisse
Comment la nutrition peut-elle être utilisée comme une approche stratégique plus globale pour promouvoir le bien vieillir ?

Alexandra de Toledo is a pharmacist and project manager at Pharmacie Principale SA, in Geneva (Switzerland). She is in charge of the coordination of an Active Assisted Living (AAL) project – CoachMyLife – which aims at improving the quality of life of seniors suffering from mild cognitive impairment,  through innovative technologies.

She is specialized in Lifestyle Medicine since research shows that most diseases are linked to lifestyle. A change in lifestyle is a powerful tool for prevention and reversal of disease. In other words, Lifestyle Medicine leads to empowerment and  health improvement.

Pharmacie Principale is a chain store founded in 1912 and composed of nine retail pharmacy shops, in Geneva. The company has developed an expertise in the field of prevention and reversal of chronic diseases, as well as quality of life improvement. PPSA strives to help its customers to take care of their health since research has shown that lifestyle changes are often more effective than drugs.

In order to get closer to its customers, the company created a subsidiary « Résidences Principales SA » which aims at building senior’s residences. Alexandra is involved in the elaboration of a nutrition concept expected to help the seniors’ residents to improve their health.