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ECHAlliance Gestionnaire de Communautés Espagne
Intelligence artificielle : Quel réel potentiel pour accélérer la recherche sur la longévité et le vieillissement

Adriana is the Communities Manager of ECHAlliance and she is currently based in Paris, France. She works directly with ECHAlliance members and ecosystems to bring them on board and promote them as well as to increase the connections between our existing members and ecosystems and create new and exciting content for them.

As a background, Adriana is a communications specialist, who has been working as a consultant for more than 4 years offering a wide range of services, such as social media management, creative content development, communication strategy and press relations. Clients have included local and international non-profit organisations from diverse fields such as digital health, women’s, children’s and elderly rights, visual impairment, democracy promotion, EU politics and economic and social development.